Guidance for partners/professionals contacting CADS

If you have any worries or concerns in relation to a child or young person you should telephone CADS on 01634 334466.  There is an automated menu and professionals choose option 2 to be transferred directly to CADS.

Any worries or concerns will be discussed with a social worker.  The content of the telephone call will be recorded on the child's electronic children's social care file as a contact.  There may be additional information that can be provided in written form e.g. CAF, Chronology and this can be discussed with the social worker.  

Following consideration of the information shared, and any other information available to the social worker, a recommendation will be made as to who is the best person to respond to the needs and concerns identified.  If a Child and Family Assessment, undertaken by a social worker, is agreed as the right response then the contact becomes a referral and will be allocated to a social worker.

Outcome letters will be sent by CADS if the decision is that a Child and Family Assessment is not the most appropriate response.  The letter will contain a very brief summary of the concerns and actions agreed. 

Consultations can be sought without naming the child if this is appropriate to do so.  However, if the nature of the information being discussed is concerning the details of the child will be asked for.

Contact with the Out of Hours social care service should be made is there is an immediate concern about a child and this should always be via telephone on 03000 419191.


Information required for phone consultation with CADS

1)    Personal details:

-Name, DoB, ethnicity and address of the child

- Name, DoB, ethnicity and address of siblings and parents

- Contact telephone numbers for parents

- Details of any other professionals involved

2)    Consent?

-         Have you informed parents that you are speaking with children’s services?

-         This should be gained before your consultation, unless you believe that a child is at imminent risk of significant harm.

3)    Specific details of the issues you wish to discuss:

-         What, when, how often, has it happened before, have you seen it?

-         Difference today from previous occasions that has prompted your call?

-         Have you taken any action? What has worked?

4)    Details of your relationship with the child/family:

-         How well do you know this child/family?

-         When was the last time you had direct contact with them?

5)    What outcome would you like to see for this child?


Worried about a child Safeguarding Procedures Training